ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021
ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021
ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021
ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021
ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021
ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021
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    ONE12 BOX - Jan 2021

      ONE12 BOX - Quarterly Mystery Box

      ONE12 BOX is a bi-annual mystery box filled with high quality 1/12 scale clothing, accessories and more!.

      ORDER Deadline is July 17 midnight MST!  Only 200 available!

      Figure Included

      For the first time ever the ONE12 Box will come with a figure and everything you need to make your Mando themed custom action figure!

      What can I expect to be in the box?

      Premium, high quality clothing, weapons & accessories, armors, holsters, harnesses, head sculpts, and other fun ONE:12 related items! Every box will be filled with at least $200 worth of great 1/12 scale items!

      The items in ONE12 BOX are created by one12shop and various partners that we work with. The specific items that will be in the box will always be a mystery to add to a great and fun experience.

      What is the Epic Box?

      1 in 100 boxes will be upgraded to an Epic Box. These boxes receive an upgrade that includes one grail Mezco ONE:12 figure. These are hard to get figures like The Dark Knight Rises Batman, Tiger Stripe Wolverine, and Original Punisher.

      The Elite Box may also include other extra items like a dio, custom figures, soft goods by elite creators, and additional accessories.


      Support the 1/12 Creator Community

      We have a passion for custom 1/12 accessories and figures. The ONE12 BOX will provide exposure and income to many of the amazing creators in this community. Whether a creator can handle our full production numbers, or only a fraction we will provide them the opportunity.

      When will it ship?

      First week of January 2021.


      Money Back Guarantee (of course!)

      We guarantee all of our products and ONE12 BOX is no different. If you're not happy we will refund your money.